Sep 25 2012

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Fishing in Aruba – Bummer!

I tried fishing in Aruba recently and did not have a good experience (my fault, of course :-).

I had gone deep sea fishing before, but it wasn’t a good time: It was more like ‘Deep Sea Watching’. I thought I would try my hand at ‘surf-casting’ (or beach-casting, or whatever you want to call it), but I didn’t know what to expect and so I did not come prepared. I asked the resort about the possibility of fishing from shore and they said there was no one that could help, but I was welcome to do whatever I wanted.

So I went to the only tackle place I could find and got a very cheap set-up (7′ rod, spinning reel with what I assume was 10 pound line) and a couple of lures. First cast with a hard lure was a snag, and while trying to free it I broke the rod twice… I left to have a drink…

The next day I took my rod (now 5′) and tried again with a soft squid. I fishing for about 10 minutes until I got another snag I couldn’t release and had to break the line. I left to have another drink.

So here’s the lesson – Figure out what you need and what you want and come prepared!

The next time I go I will have a Mako 7′ Telescopic Spinning Rod and get some Rapala Original Floaters in th 7-9 size range (my favorite) and maybe a Rapala Floating Magnum in case I feel lucky :-)  I will probably also throw in some soft plastics and snag-less hooks.  I still have the reel from the cheap set-up, and can throw in a spare just in case.  The whole thing can go in my checked luggage and I will be ready to go!

I will probably do some ‘bottom fishing’ next time as well.  It doesn’t cost much and it looks a lot more like ‘real fishing’.

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