Sep 24 2012


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Oct 01 2017


“If everyone did what I wanted, what would I have to complain about?”
– John

“I am going to go back to my office and pretend I’m thinking.”
– Les

“Asking me why the computer you pulled from the trash doesn’t have a hard drive is like asking Rich Messer why the peel you pulled from the garbage doens’t have a banana.”
– John

“If you tape two bananas together, you still have two bananas.”
– Jack

“No Shout stick will get that stain out.”
While discussing uninstalling IE 10
– John

“It’s terrifying when you’re too dumb to know who’s stupid.”
– Joe Rogan

“It’s like comparing apples and zebras.”
– Joel

“Telling me you are a virgin is like telling me you saw big foot. One, I don’t care. And two, I don’t believe you.”
– CC Comedian

“Sometimes expensive things are worth it.”
– Jack

“Jack, what kind of cookie is that?”
“I don’t know, but it tastes like ‘hippie’.”

“People’s frustration with technology stems from the misconception that technology will somehow make your life easier.”
– Bill

“Sorry to interrupt, but I have something far less important to do somewhere else.”
– John

“I’m not here to make you happy. I’m here to make it work.”
– Bill

“We’re like a rock in the river, watching everything go by.”
– Les

“I’m in Procurement, not Approvement.”
– John

“Given a 50/50 chance, I’m wrong 90% of the time.”
– John

“Why are the IT offices in a trailer?”
“That’s ‘Mobile Computing’.”
– Group

“You say ‘Discretionary Fund’ like there’s some discretion.”
– John

“If you go to take a piss and your zipper doesn’t work, do you give up?”
– Bill

“I would rather avoid than stop.”
– Les

“What do you get a girl for her birthday? SuSHE!”
– Jack

“Are your elbows lonely?”
– Jack

“If I was albino, does that mean I could stay up later?”
– Jack

“I am the Donald Duck of Mickey Mousing things.”
– John

“It is my job as an administrator to keep my phone from ringing.”
– Paul V.

“And while some may view power outages on campus as community-building, I and others managing the situations do not remember it exactly that way.”
– Charlie

“It must be nice to teach a course that requires computers and not know a thing about them.”
– Anonymous

“If I needed to know it, I would know it already. If I don’t know, then it’s not worth knowing.”
– John

“These are all great quotes.”
– Les

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Mar 05 2013

Free downloadable and printable targets

Here are some of my favorite free downloadable and printable targets. I’m not taking credit – these are from (among other places).


target23 half inch on grid



target102gs grid square center

target105 grid 3inch high blk corners





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Feb 28 2013

Rules for raising your child based on the morning news

Some gems of wisdom to pass on to the future generation based on stories covered during the first 20 minutes of the morning news:

“If you wake up in the middle of the night and hear someone in the bathroom, make sure it’s not your partner before opening fire.”

“Don’t stick your head out of a moving train.”

“Don’t beat people with a coffee mug.”

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Oct 22 2012

Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner!

Come to the Northfield Fire Department Turkey Shoot (Sundays at 9:00 am in October) and you too may win a frozen turkey!



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Sep 25 2012

My preferred ice fishing tip-ups

I have used a bunch of different brands and styles of ice fishing tip-ups over the years, and I think I have finally settled on two that I really like.

This  year I got my first Jack Trap (specifically the 26″ Standard). It’s not the typical ‘cross’ design, and frankly it’s expensive – $38+. But it is made of quality components (like corrosion resistant stainless hardware and sealed hardwood), is very quick to set up and has a wind proof flag mechanism. The flag mechanism takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it it’s no problem.  I have only seen one retailer that carries the Jack Trap, so if you’re not lucky enough to have someone local that carries them you would have to mail order.


The EXP-500 other tip-up uses the more standard cross configuration and is the EXP-500 from  I like this one because it has a decent mechanism, all the hardware is corrosion resistant and the wood is sealed.  I was lucky enough to find these at Wal-Mart along with all the other crap tip-ups (sorry).  It was still only $15, which was about the same as the tip-ups with rusty screws and flags that always pop by themselves!

Both tip-ups have open reels, which I like so my depth buttons can move smoothly on and off the reel.   They also both came with line and have spring loaded tension nuts.

If price weren’t a factor, I don’t know which I would fill my bag with.  I will likely invest in a mix and wait a couple years to see how they really hold up!

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Sep 25 2012

Fishing in Aruba – Bummer!

I tried fishing in Aruba recently and did not have a good experience (my fault, of course :-).

I had gone deep sea fishing before, but it wasn’t a good time: It was more like ‘Deep Sea Watching’. I thought I would try my hand at ‘surf-casting’ (or beach-casting, or whatever you want to call it), but I didn’t know what to expect and so I did not come prepared. I asked the resort about the possibility of fishing from shore and they said there was no one that could help, but I was welcome to do whatever I wanted.

So I went to the only tackle place I could find and got a very cheap set-up (7′ rod, spinning reel with what I assume was 10 pound line) and a couple of lures. First cast with a hard lure was a snag, and while trying to free it I broke the rod twice… I left to have a drink…

The next day I took my rod (now 5′) and tried again with a soft squid. I fishing for about 10 minutes until I got another snag I couldn’t release and had to break the line. I left to have another drink.

So here’s the lesson – Figure out what you need and what you want and come prepared!

The next time I go I will have a Mako 7′ Telescopic Spinning Rod and get some Rapala Original Floaters in th 7-9 size range (my favorite) and maybe a Rapala Floating Magnum in case I feel lucky :-)  I will probably also throw in some soft plastics and snag-less hooks.  I still have the reel from the cheap set-up, and can throw in a spare just in case.  The whole thing can go in my checked luggage and I will be ready to go!

I will probably do some ‘bottom fishing’ next time as well.  It doesn’t cost much and it looks a lot more like ‘real fishing’.

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Sep 24 2012

The truth behind 2012

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Sep 24 2012

Dinosaur’s Divorce

We just saw this slide in a book displayed in my son’s Elementary School lobby. The book is called “Dinosaur’s Divorce”. (Order now from for only $7.99!) Is it ‘funny’ or ‘disturbing’? Notice the pills spilled out on the table behind mom.

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